Special alloyed steelAKVC, AKSH, AKGC

AKVC are particularly suitable for use like work rolls on roughing and fi rst fi nishing stand in fl at rolling. These rolls can be use in intermediate and fi nishing stands of mills for small and medium size of shaped products. They can also be used as work rolls in tandem and temper mill. In hot rolling AKSH rolls are working in rougher stands. This material can be used as work rolls in cold rolling mills. AKSH rolls, with suitable hardness, are used also as backup rolls for temper mills. AKGC rolls are an alternative for the classical rolls in indefi nite chill iron for the last fi nishing stands in hot strip mills.

Chemical analysis
AKVC 1.00÷2.50 0.50÷1.10 0.50÷1.50 3.00÷8.00 UP TO 1.50 2.00÷10.00 UP TO 10.00
AKSH 0.50÷1.00 0.50÷1.00 0.50÷1.00 3.00÷8.00 UP TO 1.50 1.00÷5.00 UP TO 2.00
AKGC 2.50÷3.50 1.50÷2.50 0.50÷1.00 3.00÷6.00 2.00÷4.00 2.00÷8.00 UP TO 5.00
Mechanical properties
AKVC 72÷85 ~900 ~1500 ~2800 ~230
AKSH 70÷82 ~900 ~1500 ~3000 ~200
AKGC 72÷80 ~800 ~1200 ~2400 ~200
Microstructure of roll materials
AKVC (100x)AKSH (100x)AKGC (100x)
AKVC (500x)AKSH (500x)AKGC(500x)
AKVC compound rolls comprise a generation of materials with high contents of alloying elements (HSS ROLLS). They are characterized by the presence of primary carbides (type MC) well dispersed in the matrix with high hardness and a mix of eutectic carbides that give the chance to produce diverse materials in relation to the specifi c application. AKSH compound rolls with a low carbon content (SEMI-HSS ROLLS) do not have any network of carbides. AKGC is a new material that stay in the group of AKVC with the presence of the graphite inside the microstructure.

Special alloyed steel data sheet

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