Nodular cast ironGNF, GNP, GNST, GNA, GNC, GNL, CNF, CNP, CNA

GNF (CNF) rolls are used in place of cast steel rolls wherever high resistance to wear and thermal stresses is needed. This grade is particularly suitable for the use on roughing stands. The main application of the GNP, GNST and GNA rolls is for the section rolling mill process. According to the metallurgical characteristics and hardness, they can be used on roughing, intermediate and fi nishing stands for small, medium and heavy section mills. The rolls of the GNC series are generally employed as work rolls in four-high and three-high stands of plate, roughing and fi nishing mills and as back-up rolls for skin-pass and temper mills. GNL rolls are particularly suitable for use in plate mills and for roughing stands of large strip mills. CNP series are used as pre-fi nishing and fi nishing rolls for small and medium section mills, roughing, intermediate, and pre-fi nishing rolls for wire mills, intermediate and pre-fi nishing rolls for small and medium rod mills and pre-fi nishing rolls for small and medium bar mills. CNA series are used as intermediate and pre-fi nishing rolls for wire mills, pre-fi nishing and fi nishing rolls for small and medium section mills, and as fi nishing rolls for reinforced rod mills.

Chemical analysis
GNF, CNF 3.00÷3.50 1.40÷2.20 0.40÷0.80 Max 0.30 1.40÷3.20 0.20÷0.80
GNP, CNP 3.00÷3.50 1.40÷2.20 0.40÷0.80 < 0.70 1.40÷3.20 0.20÷0.50
GNST 3.00÷3.50 1.40÷1.80 0.40÷0.80 0.60÷1.10 1.40÷3.20 0.20÷0.50
GNA, CNA 3.00÷3.50 1.40÷2.20 0.40÷0.80 < 0.70 2.50÷4.00 0.70÷1.20
GNL 3.00÷3.50 1.60÷2.20 0.40÷0.80 0.80÷1.20 3.00÷3.60 0.40÷0.60
GNC 3.00÷3.50 1.90÷2.40 0.40÷0.80 0.80÷1.40 4.00÷4.60 0.40÷0.80
Mechanical properties
GNF, CNF 35÷55 ~750 ~1500 ~3.5 ~180
GNP, CNP 45÷70 400÷500 700÷800 ~2.5 ~180
GNST 55÷75 ~450 ~730 ~2.3 ~180
GNA, CNA 50÷75 400÷600 ~900 ~2.6 ~180
GNL 55÷65 ~400 ~650 ~2.3 ~180
GNC 65÷80 ~400 ~700 ~2.5 ~180
Microstructure of roll materials
GNF (100x)GNP (100x)GNST (100x)
GNA (100x)GNL (100x)GNC (100x)
GNF (CNF) rolls are nodular cast iron characterized by the almost complete absence of carbides and a ferritic matrix. GNP (CNP) and GNST rolls have nodular graphite and carbides surrounded by pearlitic matrix. The GNST rolls have a larger quantity of carbides than the GNP rolls, because of the higher chromium content and lower silicon content. GNA (CNA) series are characterized by nodular graphite and carbides in a mostly bainitic matrix, due to high contents of nickel and molybdenum. GNC rolls are the compound version of this group of material. GNL rolls belong to the nodular cast iron range. They have a pearlitic matrix with dispersed carbides.

Nodular cast iron data sheet

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