High chromium alloysGK, GKC, AKC, CKC

GK rolls are particularly suitable for use as prefinishing and fi nishing rolls and also for rolling medium structural shapes. GKC series are particularly suitable for use as work rolls in the fi rst fi nishing stands of flat rolling mills. AKC series are mostly used as roughing rolls and in the front stands of fi nishing mill in hot fl at rolling. CKC series are used as intermediate and pre-fi nishing rolls for wire mills, pre-fi nishing and fi nishing rolls for rod, reinforced rod, small and medium section, bar mills and also for pre-fi nishing and fi nishing rolls for narrow strip mills.

Chemical analysis
GK 2.00÷3.00 0.30÷0.70 0.40÷1.00 10.00÷15.00 UP TO 1.00 0.30÷0.90
GKC, CKC 2.00÷3.20 0.50÷1.00 0.40÷1.00 12.00÷18.00 UP TO 1.50 1.00÷3.00
AKC 1.20÷1.60 0.50÷1.20 0.50÷1.40 10.00÷14.00 UP TO 1.50 1.50÷4.00
Mechanical properties
GK 65÷75 ~400 ~900 ~1800 ~230
GKC, CKC 65÷85 ~750 ~1000 ~2300 ~230
AKC 70÷85 ~800 ~1300 ~2800 ~230
Microstructure of roll materials
GKC (100x)GKC (500x)AKC (100x)AKC (500x)
All these rolls are characterized by a high chromium content. The GK rolls have a pearlitic-bainitic matrix with fi ne well dispersed carbides. The GKC (CKC) compound rolls have a shell with a large quantity of carbides embedded in an acicular matrix. The AKC compound rolls have a shell characterized by a medium content of carbon and chromium and a high content of molybdenum. They have a tempered acicular matrix with secondary carbides and a presence of eutectic carbides depending from the carbon content.

High chromium alloys data sheet

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