The Company

Innse Cilindri (INNSE), belonging to ILVA Group, is a cast rolls manufacturer, known all over the world. Its core business is the production of spun casting work rolls for hot strip mills. In addition, INNSE produces rolls for cold rolling mills, shaped products and rolls for plastic and food industries. In 1887 the entrepreneur’s family Franchi started a Foundry, headquartered in Brescia, with the original name of Fonderia F.lli Franchi & Co. In 1933, the Foundry merged with Innocenti, becoming part of its mechanical division, and was later on sold to IRI Group. Innse Cilindri was setup in 1989 and privatized in 1995, as part of the Ilva Group. The Company makes its rolls by static or centrifugal casting mode. It covers a wide range of products weight (up to a maximum of 55 tons) and chemical composition (alloyed cast iron, steel base, steel, high chromium special alloys, high speed steel materials), in order to meet all requirements of the steel industry.

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